Welcome to Brasserie Cé

Using the agreements and measures drawn up by the RIVM, we will do our utmost to offer you a safe, pleasant visit. Naturally, with the hospitality Brabant is known for, as you have been accustomed to for the past 100 years.


You can reserve online using the reservation form. Reserve by telephone if not available online. We provide the following options for making reservations:



• Using:
 • E-mailing:
• Or call us: +31 (0)73 6.926.926

• The entrance on the market side is very spacious.


• You can park in our own underground carpark (at a reduced charge) on the Burgemeester Loeffplein side.


• We look forward to receiving you in a safe manner according to RIVM guidelines.


• We offer safe dining by using a route indicated by hearts, ample table spacing and, where necessary, transparent room dividers.


• The tables in Brasserie Cé will only be available for reserved lunches or dinners between 11:45 hrs and 15:00 hrs and between 17:30 hrs and 21:30 hrs.


• If you would like to drop by for a drink or a coffee, feel free to do so between 9:00 hrs and 11.45 hrs and between 15:00 hrs and 17:15 hrs.


• Reserve for High Tea which will also be served in 2 shifts (between 10:00 hrs and 11:30 hrs and between 15:15 hrs and 17:00 hrs).


• There will be 2 shifts for lunch due to the 30 guests maximum imposed (from 12:00 hrs and from 13:45 hrs) and dinner (from 17:30 hrs and from 20:30 hrs) to enable multiple guests to visit our restaurant.