Music is emotion. Goose bumps, every time you hear that one special song.

Music can move you, give energy and a great feeling of relaxation. Music gives you above all fun. It touches people. That’s why we organise our Music@Cé events. You don’t have to play music to have a great music experience! Right?

JAZZY SOUNDS@CÉ – 18.30 hrs
Every 1st Friday of the month jazzy sounds, funky drinks and ‘soul’ food.


JAZZY ‘COCKTAIL’@CÉ – 17.30 hrs

Every 3rd Friday of the month you can enjoy a
‘cocktail of young Jazz talent’…!


Iedere 2e donderdag van de maand genieten van een ‘cocktail aan jong Jazz talent’..!


Call us at (073) 6 926 926 or send a mail to