bourgondisch borrelen in cé


Brasserie Cé,

Enjoyment, ‘s-Hertogenbosch style.

Brasserie Cé presents the best of two worlds:
the most delectable cuisine both from Brabant and abroad,
all prepared with fresh – preferably local – ingredients
by people passionate about the seasons and products’ origins;
aimed at pleasing you in every way from your dietary choices to your guilty pleasures,
aligned with your palate and tempo, a warm reception for gourmands:
welcome to ’s-Hertogenbosch’s living room!



In the period from 17 June to 19 July 2019 the front of Brasserie Cé will be renovated.


The entrance of Brasserie Cé to the market side is not accessible during the renovation. But during the weekend we will place a special trap for our guests to grant access to our Brasserie Cé. During the week, guests can use the hotel entrance situated at the Burgemeester Loeffplein side.


The work will take place from Monday to Friday, between 08.00 AM and 17.00 PM. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to exclude any discomfort
during the entire period. Of course we will do our very best to cause  any inconveniense as less as possible for you.

Call us at +31-73-6.926.926 or send a mail to