Eten en Drinken in hartje den bosch

How we have enjoyed seeing you, for centuries

Brasserie Cé loves to see you. And not for nothing. It comes from deep inside. We are modern, yet have deep roots. They go back to 1409 in fact. Thanks to the knight Dirck de Roover.


It was this generous inhabitant of ’s-Hertogenbosch that had his ‘capital home’ built in this wonderful, centrally situated spot. Not just for him, but also for everyone he cared about. And there were quite a few of them.


De Leeuwenborgh, as Dirck christened his fortified house, would have been better off being called The Open House. Almost everyone in ’s-Hertogenbosch came here. To celebrate life together. Good food and drink. Brabant at its best.


To spice life up, Dirck was given (or stole, that’s not entirely clear) a wonderful title: Lord of the Nemelaer. The conviviality in ’s-Hertogenbosch now gained grandeur. And so it remains that way here on the Markt [market square].


Jheronimus Bosch was then yet to be born (more or less around the corner). He was probably also deliciously inspired as was the wife of Emperor Maximilian of Austria, sometime later. To name a few names. 


During the following centuries, the term hospitality gained a slightly different substantiation. De Hoofdwacht [town gaol] was situated on the premises and they made sure to give local criminals a warm welcome. The building subsequently served as the most welcoming post office in the world. Only in 1896 did Dirck’s spirit return when the house become a bar-restaurant, that was named Central.


Soon after, consummate host Johan Rademaker appeared. He turned Central into a hotel in 1905, in the very best southern-gourmand tradition. He laid the foundations for themeeting place, ’s-Hertogenbosch’s living room. And for this town’s own family of hoteliers. With, as his most illustrious successor his grandson Tonny (A.J.), the tireless, the man who turned the hotel into a true grand hotel (from 27 ‘spacious, airy rooms’ to 125 rooms that meet all modern requirements) and remained active daily until age 91. Nowadays it’s great-granddaughter Karin – the fourth generation – who in 2017 enthusiastically demonstrates what modern hospitality entails.


This is the place to be, both for the inhabitants of ’s-Hertogenbosch and for visitors to this wonderful city. To soak up the atmosphere. The conviviality in ’s-Hertogenbosch has grandeur again. As Dirck liked to see it. The centre of attention. For yourself, for each other, for fabulous food and drink. A state of enjoyment. That’s how we like to see things. At Cé. In Hotel Central. On the Markt.

Welcome to Hotel Central


This isn’t a hotel, this is like coming home. Luxuriating in Brabant at its best.
Where everything and everyone is aimed at making your stay wonderful.
From the moment you are welcomed to the final ‘Goodbye!’ This is more like staying with friends. With the Rademaker Family. In ’s-Hertogenbosch’s city centre. It doesn’t get any more central than this.


We love seeing you. Whether you visit us briefly or stay for longer, as a tourist or a business traveller, to see the sights or shop, for a wedding or a training session, we love seeing you. We provide all manner of comforts. From the nicest, state-of-the-art (meeting) rooms to our delectable brasserie Cé.


Hotel Central makes an ideal base. With the city centre starting right outside the front door, Saint John’s Cathedral around the corner, the Noordbrabants Museum a few minutes away, the Binnendieze urban river easy to access and rural Brabant a stone’s throw away. As far as we’re concerned, the whole Netherlands can be enjoyed from here. Welcome to Hotel Central!